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Super Liberal Santa Tries To Ruin A Little Boy’s Christmas!

A now-viral Twitter video shows a mall Santa denying a little boy’s request for a nerf gun. Thousands of people all over the internet are outraged at the video due to the mall Santa’s response. The Santa said “no guns” then told the boy that his dad can get it for him, but Santa can’t bring it to him. And of course, the boy got confused at that moment and began to cry. His mother rushed to console him and reassured him that he’d get the nerf gun regardless of what the mall Santa said.

There is no reason for the mall Santa to inject his political viewpoints into the boy’s request for a simple nerf gun toy. All he has to do is what he is dressed up in a Santa costume to do – which is simply play along. Since the mall Santa did not play along and decided to get “woke” on the boy who appeared no older than four or five years old, the boy responded in the only way he knew how which was to cry.

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This ridiculous scene captured on video is a clear example of why politics should not be pushed onto children. They are not mature enough mentally to understand complex subjects like gun control, let alone mature enough to have a debate about it and/or fight back against indoctrination. Unfortunately, children are often indoctrinated at every level of education, by the entertainment industry, and sometimes even the workplace once they get to be adults.

Incidents like the mall Santa pushing gun control onto a little boy should not be seen as isolated incidents. They are part of a much larger and more sinister problem. There is clearly an effort to demoralize a generation of children, especially boys, so they will be more malleable to accept dangerous concepts like marxism and communism. And unfortunately, these ideologues have had some success in their efforts. It is up to everyday Americans to recognize these efforts and put an end to them.


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