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Rev. Warnock Claims to Fight for the “Ordinary People” But Who Are They?

All eyes are on the second Georgia Senate Debate as democratic candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) said he is fighting to put “ordinary people” at the center of political issues. But who are these ordinary people? One could imagine that he’s speaking about the underdog — the person who grew up in public housing as Warnock says he did.

But the fundamental flaw with Warnock’s positioning is this: people who enjoy wealth aren’t any less important than people who have less funds. Besides, these people who are “so-called” extraordinary didn’t get that way by osmosis.

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Many people worked their fingers to the bone to achieve what they now enjoy. This is pursuit of happiness we should normalize or at the very least make possible for others.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) responded to Warnock, stating that she grew up on a farm, working the fields, and then “waitressed” her way through school. Her story is true for many Americans living in the South — especially Georgia. While Loeffler may be among the wealthiest of senators in Congress, his invalidation of her is a sheer put down of American potential.

Warnock attacked Loeffler after news reports revealed the senator dumped stocks after a private coronavirus meeting. The senator explained she couldn’t have known about the stock dump due to her portfolio being under a blind trust.

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Despite Loeffler’s prior clarification, leftists like Warnock continue to press the senator about her finances out of context. (Could they possibly believe that “ordinary people” wouldn’t know how third-party, high-profile portfolio management is actually handled?)

Leftists often take the revisionist stance, seeking to define who Americans are and what the American Dream should be. They favor mediocrity over merit, reducing citizens to a people who can only achieve so much and are perpetually in need. This is opposite of the American Dream which is to live in prosperity. And to many Georgians, this sort of pandering could come across as offensive.

Small business owners — the ones Warnock seeks to protect — are eager to return to work. Instead, the reverend insists Georgians are waiting for more handouts by way of coronavirus relief. This is an insult to business owners who’d prefer to simply open their doors and keep the engine that is the American economy running. While there may be some people who are out of work and in need of relief, that doesn’t describe all of Georgia. Warnock just appears out of touch of what “real Georgians” want for their lives.

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This debate should serve as a final warning to Georgia residents who are thinking about withholding participation in the runoff election. It’s critical that Georgia maintains its seats in the U.S. Senate for fear of socialism landing on our shores. Fear of a corrupt election should not drown out the voice of Georgians who want to push back against higher taxes, a packed court and government sanctioned healthcare as Loeffler so sternly warned against.

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