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AOC’s Call to Boycott GOYA Foods Backfires Gloriously

American business owner is not no one to mess with. Turns out Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY figured that out when she called for her supporters to boycott Goya Foods.

Goya Foods, founded in 1936, labels itself “the largest U.S. Hispanic-owned food company” with an estimated revenue of $1.5 billion. CEO Bob Unanue came out in support of President Donald Trump during a White House event, upon which AOC lashed out on Twitter.

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The CEO of the company simply offered a simple acknowledgement, that America is “blessed” to have a POTUS like Trump, calling for prayer and prosperity. It’s hard for anyone who isn’t bitter or spiteful to find fault with that.

It’s ironic how the Democrat lawmaker of Puerto Rican descent claims to be in full support of the “latinx” community, but plays a different tune when one successful Hispanic business owner praises a Republican president.

Unanue respectfully clapped back, calling AOC “naïve,” while disclosing the brand’s “1,000 percent” increase in sales. It looks like while AOC was Googling how to make Adobo, Goya’s Adobo Seasoning was flying off shelves. Unanue said this sales spike made AOC the honorary Employee of the Month.

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What transpired with Goya Foods is a beautiful example of how “cancel culture” (an often used tactic on the Left) can easily backfire on those who seek control. The company is a familiar staple for those who enjoy Latin foods across North America and across the globe. A legacy like this won’t bow down to the likes of a congresswoman who only seeks to turn America into a socialist state and further disenfranchise businesses like never before.

Let’s hope AOC learned that attacking a beloved American brand means to pay with one’s political reputation.


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