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School Shooting Averted In San Diego; Police Find RPG In Garage

A possible school shooting was averted in San Diego due to alert students and police working together. Rancho Bernardo High School students were alarmed when one of their classmates showed them weapons and shared a plan to shoot up the school. Students informed the police, who then informed parents and took preemptive steps to stop a possible tragedy. Parents were sent an email warning them about the potential for danger.

Police searched the home of the student who made the threat by executing a gun violence restraining order. They found explosives and materials to fabricate “ghost guns” inside the garage of the home. The student’s father, a 45-year-old “doomsday prepper,” was arrested on gun charges. Mainstream media outlets have made references to stricter gun laws to stop threats such as this from taking place. The problem with that line of thinking is that the father was arrested for illegal guns… so there were already laws in place that were simply broken.

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