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Tech Workers Upset At UPS Drivers Making 170k Per Year

Tech workers have voiced their displeasure with the news of UPS drivers striking a deal that could net them $170k in annual pay. The Teamsters Union announced that there could be a strike if certain demands weren’t met in terms of driver and other worker compensation at the shipping giant. As a result, a tentative deal has been reached to avoid a strike. After about five years on the job, an average UPS driver could reach a total compensation package of $170,000 per year. This package includes their base salary and other benefits such as healthcare.

An annual compensation of $170k places UPS drivers on or near the same financial level as some high-level tech workers. On the anonymous job-posting site Blind, several tech workers voiced their frustration with the news. A common thread among those complaining is that working as an engineer is a much more difficult and brain-intensive function than driving a vehicle and delivering packages. Supporters of the UPS deal also posted on Blind, saying that tech workers have a sense of entitlement and elitism.

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