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Trump Supporter Craig Robertson Killed During FBI Raid After Making Online Threats Against Biden

A 74-year-old Trump supporter named Craig Robertson was killed by the FBI during a raid in Provo, Utah. Robertson was under investigation for at least five months for posting threats online to several Government officials. Screenshots show that he made violent statements towards Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Letitia James, and Alvin Bragg.

The last straw was apparently a threat made against Biden before his visit to Salt Lake City. The fear apparently was that Robertson would make the short trip from Provo to Salt Lake City to endanger the President. The FBI executed a raid on Robertson’s home and he was ultimately killed. News outlets sometimes refer to the raid ending in a “shootout” but they don’t clarify who shot first.

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Many conservatives say this is a miscarriage of justice due to very few, if any, people on the left getting the same treatment. Several celebrities and regular people routinely make threats against Donald Trump. They did so even more while he was in office. Not much, if anything, happened to them.


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