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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Accuses Speaker Dade Phelan Of Being Drunk On House Floor

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accused Texas Speaker Of The House Dade Phelan of being drunk on the House Floor. A video of the moment in question has circulated on social media. The video begins with Phelan speaking just before he bangs the gavel. He is slurring his words to the point of incomprehension. When he bangs the gavel, he appears to slightly lose his balance, nearly falling over. Paxton has not provided physical evidence of Phelan being drunk, such as a sobriety test, but the video is absolutely concerning. Phelan and Paxton are both Republicans. Some people with inside knowledge of the situation characterize the allegation from Paxton as internal warfare of sorts due to Phelan being a more independent thinker.


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AG Paxton calls for Texas Speaker Dade Phelan to resign, accuses him of being drunk on House floor

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Speaker Dade Phelan accused of being drunk on House floor

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