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Texas Government Ignores Supreme Court ‘Razor Wire’ Ruling

The State of Texas has ignored the Supreme Court decision allowing the Federal Government to remove razor wire at the border. They will not only keep the remaining concertina wire in place, but they will add more. The SCOTUS ruling did not order Texas to remove the wire, but it did allow the feds to remove it while the court battle over the border between Texas and the Biden administration rages on. This act of defiance by Texas Governor Greg Abbott has not gone over very well with the feds.

The Biden administration has given Texas until Friday, January 26th, to comply with their request to remove the razor wire and give them access to areas near Eagle Pass. It is not entirely clear what the consequence of disobeying this request will be. What is clear, however, is that 25 other states have publicly pledged allegiance to Texas in their battle against the federal government to secure the border.

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