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NYC Migrants Evicted From Shelters Into The Cold Sparks Outrage

New York City activists are outraged after a new homeless shelter policy that has placed many migrant families on the street. Two weeks ago, NYC Mayor Eric Adams implemented a new policy that requires migrants to re-apply for shelter after 60 days. This means that migrants living in homeless shelters are only given two months of entitlement. After that period, they must leave and re-apply to return.

Migrant advocates say this policy is meant to disrupt migrant families and make them feel uncomfortable. They say it is inhumane to send these people out into the cold New York City streets. Others say this new policy is long overdue and the first step in mitigating the city’s migrant crisis. Since the summer of 2022, over 170,000 migrants have been processed into the Big Apple. Mayor Adams announced budget cuts to scrounge up money to pay for the crisis.

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