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Texas School Shooter Released From Jail On $75,000 Bond

The suspect in an Arlington, Texas high school shooting has been captured and subsequently released from jail on a $75,000 bond. The shooting happened at Timberview High School. 18-year-old Timothy Simpkins allegedly shot four people, including a teacher, using a loaded firearm that he brought into the school. His family appeared on television to say that he had been bullied at the school for quite some time and this may have been his way of acting out to defend himself. None of the injured have passed away as of the writing of this article.

There is a video floating around of Timothy Simpkins getting into a “fight” with other males. Using the word “fight” may not be appropriate because Simpkins was simply beaten up with no resistance. According to Dallas-area activist Charleston White, Simpkins was raised in private school and transitioned to public school because of his desire to play sports. He was not prepared for the gang culture and violence at the new school. Fighting was not a way for him to resolve problems. So instead of his parents and/or guardians removing him from that environment or attempting to solve the problems they knew he had, the problem was allowed to fester. This, of course, is no excuse. Because the reality is that most juvenile violence comes from an inability to fight or resolve conflict.

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This situation goes against the typical mainstream media narrative of “white privilege”. The example of Dylan Roof enjoying a Burger King sandwich is often brought up to show how white criminals are treated vs black criminals. It doesn’t even matter that Roof was sentenced to multiple life sentences without the possibility of parole and the death penalty. The masses of those who want to belong to a victim class will simply point toward the Burger King sandwich. These same people also bring up Kyle Rittenhouse who was given bond after shooting people in Milwaukee. The same narrative cannot be spun here because Simpkins is a black male. Mainstream media were all over the case when it first happened. Now it will simply be dropped like a bad habit.


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  1. Another example of how the justice system is not working for the taxpayer. Smh. The arsonist that attacked our home this weekend has a 3 state record, starting from when he was a minor. He has had 9 as in NINE civil commitments and his own family had restraining orders against him at one point. This criminal almost killed my family this weekend, yet he keeps getting chance after chance. How am I supposed to feel safe, really every again in this state. The current sitting judge in my county has given this guy 2 of his 9 civil commitments. I want someone to tell me what to do next, but I also want to take a sledgehammer to the burnt up car that sits in my driveway and waits for insurance to decide we didn’t start the fire.
    Sincerely, Angered citizen who cannot wait to leave a blue state.

  2. Stop bringing up race on every topic, the more people recognize but stop talking about it things will soon change. But by spreading it like wildfire is only gonna keep the Hatred alive. Don’t act like black people are the only ones getting abused weather it’s very aggressive or passive. I went to a chicken wing spot that is black owned, my gf and I walked in and I’m part native Indian abs she’s blond blue eyes. Anyways 2 family’s walked in before us without a mask kn and nothing was said but with my girlfriend and I walked in they could not wait to say something to us slightly aggressive in trying to charge us for a mask just to place an order didn’t say a word to anyone else just us is there definitely was a slight attitude for no reason at all I told her that we were coming out to support them is there a new restaurant we’ve heard all about them. That was very slight racism but you know what I don’t think about it and let it consume me. I am smarter than that and will always fight for what’s right. My point is stop relating racism to every topic don’t you think that well has run dry. What about Native Americans what about Mexicans what about Cubans what about the Irish and the Italians and I’m sure the white man was subjected to slavery as well.


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