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Trans Woman Upset At Misgendering Gets Reality Check

A transgender woman recorded an incident of “misgendering” that happened at a fast-food establishment after they paid for a meal. The trans person admittedly used a card with a masculine name on it. And when the employee taking the card referred to the trans person as “sir”, that’s when everything fell apart. Since the trans person now identifies as a woman, “they” wish to be referred to as a woman. The manager eventually comes out to try and smooth over the situation. He used “proper” pronouns and everything. But something wasn’t quite clicking.

This “misgendering” fiasco appears to be nothing more than a cry for attention. When the manager attempted to ask what the person identifies as so they could use the proper pronouns, the trans person refused. If there was an issue with misgendering then the offended person should offer up the correct way to go forward. Since this did not happen but the cameras kept rolling, one can only assume attention is what they were seeking. The next clue is that the trans person asked the manager what they assume when they look at “her” when it comes to gender identity. If misgendering was a problem then it doesn’t make sense to ask the manager to assume. If the wrong assumption is made, then the misgendering issue is not resolved.

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The manager was essentially forced to state the obvious, that the trans person looks like a man. This prompted the trans person to swing the camera away from the fast-food manager and onto themselves. As if to garner support and sympathy from the “audience” watching TikTok (which is where the original video was uploaded by the trans person). The actual result is that the overwhelming majority of people would understand why this person was referred to as a man.

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  1. It’s obvious that the Circus Freak was looking for attention otherwise why didn’t they change the name on the Bank card, except to pick a fight and 15secs of YouTube fame.

  2. The proper, polite thing to do is to say “Sorry”, followed by “Next”. Honest mistakes do not require minutes long harangues and profuse aplogies. Ignore the fools to the extent that you can and move on with your life.

  3. I am a natural born female and mother of three. At one time I had short hair. I am small cheated. While wearing a baggy sweatshirt, I was sometimes “misgendered”. So what? I didn’t even correct the clerk. I just went on about my life. These people are getting paid minimum wage and put up with a lot of crap from customers. I’m grateful they showed up to work instead of taking a government check to sit on the couch. If it bothers you that much, change the name on your card or realize that you aren’t female and dress accordingly.


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