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The Babylon Bee Produces A Hilarious Parody Of Californians New To Texas

The Babylon Bee released an amazing parody video of a couple from California experiencing their first day in Texas. The video is about four minutes long and is featured on their YouTube page. The video displays an interracial male/female couple wearing masks inside of their home. A neighbor, who appears to be a native Texan with cowboy boots and an open carry sidearm, approaches their home.

The couple immediately gets nervous and begins to record the man on their cell phones. This type of behavior is not necessarily seen as friendly in a place like California where cities like Los Angeles have a very serious issue with crime. The man introduces himself and they have a conversation about Texas and other small things. Throughout the conversation, the contrast between a California mentality and a Texas mentality is highlighted. Although the parody may be representative of the extremes and not the average, many on both sides may say it does a great job breaking down this type of encounter.

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The parody video has over one million views as of the publishing of this article. It closely follows real life as the Lone Star State is the single biggest landing spot for Californian refugees. The issue is so severe that California is struggling to supply U-Haul trucks. Many of the trucks leave the state on one-way trips to Texas but very few of them return. Check out the full video above from Babylon Bee’s YouTube page to get the full experience.


Californians Adjust To New Life In Texas – YouTube

Kyle Mann on Twitter: “Latest sketch from our team at @TheBabylonBee – Ex-Californians Having Trouble Adjusting to Life in Texas” / Twitter

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