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Kanye West Ends Deal With Gap, Cites Their Commitments To China

Rapper and fashion entrepreneur Kanye West, now known simply as “Ye” mentioned Chinese manufacturing when discussing his split from The Gap. Ye is probably most known for music production and rapping but the fashion industry may be where his wealth is.

The “Yeezy” shoe from Adidas is a worldwide phenomenon. His relationship with the clothing brand “The Gap” is also world famous. Some, however, say the brand deal did not push Gap over the top as industry leaders thought it would. Ye complained that the company did not listen to his ideas for brand management. He said it was like he was “on mute” when talking to Gap executives. Year-to-date, The Gap’s stock is down about 50%.

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Kanye appeared on CNBC to discuss his departure from The Gap. There were quite a few eyebrow-raising moments during this interview. As mentioned earlier, Ye mentioned The Gap’s “commitments” to China. This could be in reference to their inability to discontinue manufacturing their garments overseas. Ye would like to bring manufacturing jobs back home to the United States.

The entertainment and fashion mogul also spoke briefly about the pandemic. He mentioned starting a school during the height of the virus panic. Ye “accidentally” referred to the situation as the “scamdemic” instead of “pandemic”. This is sort of a hat-tip to people who understand what’s going on behind the scenes aside from what mainstream thought attempts to tell people.


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