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The Biden Administration Wants To Ban Gas Stoves For Safety Reasons

The Biden administration has suggested a ban on gas stoves for health purposes due to the harmful toxins they emit. According to a study, gas stoves account for up to 12% of childhood asthma cases. Some of the “pollutants” gas stoves emit include nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. Health experts say that respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular problems, and forms of cancer are linked to gas stoves.

A representative for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers says that any stove, gas or electric, may emit certain harmful emissions. The representative went on to state that proper ventilation around cooking areas will do much more to improve home air quality than the banning of a certain type of appliance. An easy way to increase ventilation would be for people to simply turn on the hood above their stove while cooking.

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Another way to look at this is fairly obvious. An attempt at banning gas stoves is akin to the attempt at banning gas cars. The alternative for both is electric power. California has announced that it will stop selling gas cars in the near future. They also suggested a ban on gas stoves several months ago. This potential plan from the Biden administration is more about controlling the energy usage of Americans than it is about some sort of altruism around healthcare.


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