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The Border Crisis Is REAL And Joe Biden Is to Blame

Joe Biden has a serious problem on his hands with the crisis at the Southern Border between the US and Mexico. There is an all-time record number of children in “cages” (now known as… containers?) due to the Biden administration’s policy on illegal immigration. Since Biden has announced a pause on deportations for the first 100 days (which may not turn out to be true) and the resumption of catch-and-release, migrants have rushed the border. This has resulted in a larger volume of migrants that must be detained at least for a short period of time before they are released into the interior of the country, or in some cases, deported.

There was an accident a few days ago at the Southern Border involving an SUV loaded with illegal aliens and a semi-truck. The SUV had 25 people in it and at least 13 of them died. People paid as much as $10,000 for the chance to be in the SUV and get smuggled across the border through a hole cut in an old section of the border wall. So the excuse of “economic hardship” that Jen Psaki offered as a reason why there is an influx of migrants coming to the border simply does not make sense. The problem is the policies of the current administration.

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Political leftists think that it is virtuous to essentially have open borders. Meanwhile, at least 25% of people at a migrant shelter on the US side of the border tested positive for the virus. Many of these people will be placed on flights and sent into the interior of the country. Meanwhile, the United States requires citizens to get tested before coming back to the country from Mexico.

During Trump’s administration, there was a year where at least 400,000 people were caught at the border from 150 different countries. There are only about 190 countries in the world. Even a Canadian was caught at the Southern Border trying to get into the US illegally. If 400,000 were caught at the border, just think about how many were not caught. And also, how many came to the United States with a valid visa, let it expire, and just chose to stay in the country? The border is now more porous than it has been in years and only problems will come as a result.


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