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The Capitol Building Riot Was Ridiculous And Unfruitful

President Trump led a “Stop The Steal” rally in Washington DC that ended in chaos with a riot at the US Capitol. The initial rally was peaceful as Trump rallies usually are. There were people singing songs, taking selfies, having a good time enjoying each other’s company. People did raise questions about the integrity of the election, but there was not a hint of violence to be seen. That was, until, Trump suggested that the crowd go to the US Capitol building.

A large mass of Trump supporters (and possibly others) made their way to the Capitol. The initial goal was most likely to stage a peaceful protest outside of the Capitol because Congress was meeting inside to hear debates over certifying electoral college results. A few good speeches by Senators were already given and a few more were scheduled, including one from Rand Paul. Many Senators were on Trump’s side. But at a certain point, some unruly members of the initial rally decided to breach the Capitol. Things went all downhill from there.

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Ashli Babbit Shot By Law Enforcement Inside US Capitol:

Capitol Police unsuccessfully tried to keep large amounts of people from rushing into the Capitol building. Quite a few fights broke out between police and protesters. One woman got punched in the face and bloodied up pretty well, on camera. Quite a few other protesters had brief scuffles and made their way past law enforcement. Some of these people scaled walls and punched their way through windows. A video of one person knocking out a window features audible “booing” in the background along with people saying “no, ANITFA!” referring to the person at the window.

Since active members of Congress were in the Capitol, certain areas of the building were more secure than others. The rioters should not have been in the building at all, but there were certain areas of the building which were more secure than others. Video and pictures show officers (who were probably Secret Service) with their hand guns fully extended and trained on protesters who got too close to the highly secure area. One woman attempted to push her body through the broken window of a secure area and the agent with his gun drawn on her decided to fire. She died shortly after being shot. Her name was Ashli Babbit and she was a 14-year military veteran.

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News outlets report that three other people died as a result of the riots but not much is known about their identity or the fashion in which they died. The most that any report (currently) says is that these people experienced “medical emergencies.” There were also over 50 people arrested and about a dozen injured members of law enforcement. Reports from the ground say that ANTIFA and BLM were also in the mix of Trump supporters although that has not been confirmed with one hundred percent certainty, yet.

A few hours after the chaos ended, Congress resumed their work back in the Capitol. President Trump eventually called the National Guard to secure the scene. The FBI and Secret Service assisted in securing the inside of the building and Capitol Police secured the outside. Several more people will probably be arrested due to all of the high-resolution photos of people inside of the building that should not have been there. So the end result of this “revolution” as a bloodied-faced young lady referred to it as was nothing more than a brief interruption of a routine Congressional vote. That’s all.

Social media has gone into overdrive with their censorship by immediately banning Trump’s accounts. Facebook says that they are banning him indefinitely while Twitter put him on a 12-hour suspension. Attorney Lin Wood’s account was also suspended, along with the account of his law firm. Voices on the left and the right are calling for Trump to be removed via the 25th Amendment. If they are successful in removing him, even if one day before Joe Biden’s inauguration, then that would justify the left’s past four years of impeachment efforts and they could claim victory. If the intention of the Capitol riot was to help the conservative movement, then the result is a complete 180 from the intention.

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Every news station on television is referring to the riot as insurrectionist action. Anchors are cursing like sailors at Trump and everyone who supports him. The mainstream media’s reaction is rightfully over-the-top but at the same time hypocritical. The riot was ridiculous and crazy, but the reality is none of these people appeared to have been armed. No weapons were exposed. In DC guns aren’t even legal to carry so nobody did that at the march.

Compare that to ANTIFA and BLM riots/occupations that the media barely cover which feature armed men and women who actually kill innocent people. Like 8-year-old Secoriea Turner, a young black girl who died in her mother’s arms. Or 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson, Jr., who was shot by a mostly white ANTIFA / BLM group in Seattle, Washington at the now-infamous CHAZ/CHOP zone.

Riots are never good and should never be condoned. The media simply need to apply that same logic to all riots regardless of the motivation behind them. Media bias aside, the events of January 6th, 2021 will live on in infamy because of the circumstances. It was a Trump-led event that was fueled by Trump’s rhetoric that led to the brief takeover of a Government building which resulted in multiple deaths. Although that description is not totally accurate, it is close enough for the media to report and for large amounts of people to believe. Now it is up to us in alternative media to do damage control and distance ourselves away from that type of behavior.


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