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Trump Gets BANNED From Twitter Due To Capitol Incident

President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter due to the incident that happened at the US Capitol. Twitter released a statement that says, in part, that the President’s tweets have exhibited a negative pattern and cannot exist on the platform due to the potential for future violence. Twitter initially banned the President for twelve hours but when the ban was over, Trump released two tweets – one of which was deemed inappropriate and a potential threat. So that was enough to ban the President again, this time permanently.

Twitter is not the only platform that has banned Donald Trump. Facebook “temporarily” banned the President, at least until the end of his term on January 20th. The Facebook ban may become permanent due to Twitter’s decision, because tech giants generally act in chorus during times like this. Shopify banned the President’s store where all of the “MAGA” merch was sold. A trip to the store’s webpage brings up a blank screen. PayPal has also cut ties with Trump merch stores.

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Loosely-tied affiliates of the President have also been retaliated against on Twitter. Several high-level accounts liked to “QAnon” were banned, including General Michael Flynn. Controversial lawyer Lin Wood’s personal account and law firm accounts were banned. The “WalkAway Movement” had their main account with over a half-million followers deleted. WalkAway’s founder Brandon Straka’s Facebook account was deleted as well as the accounts of administrators on the page and affiliates of WalkAway. Some of these “affiliate” accounts that were banned were 1099 contractor type of employees who cannot communicate with other clients they have aside from WalkAway.

The Capitol violence that resulted in five dead is inexcusable any way you slice it. Nothing positive came of this event although some supporters of the “incursion” want to cling to their righteous indignation. The problem with supporters of the Capitol violence is that there aren’t enough people who feel the same way they do. No politicians, corporations, media outlets, or places of higher learning support the actions at the Capitol. Of course, this would be different if the events happened for a different reason and if the actors were of a different political persuasion.

It is common knowledge that all of the aforementioned institutions, especially the mainstream media, are geared towards the left. Especially in a time like this where Democrats dominate the Government from the Executive brand to the Legislative. The left could burn down an entire city everyday in the name of Black Lives Matter and they would have plenty of support. In reality, however, it doesn’t matter if the reaction to this event is hypocritical. The fact is that the right must act differently than the left because the right is held to a higher standard.

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When the right drops the ball and engages in and/or condones violent actions because of personal convictions, then the right becomes the left. And there is no tolerance or safe haven for that type of behavior from the right side of the aisle.


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