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Jamaal Bowman Charged With Pulling Fire Alarm But There’s One Problem

Democratic House Rep Jamaal Bowman has been officially charged with pulling a fire alarm at the Cannon Office Building near the Capitol. The incident happened just before a vote was set to take place in the House over a spending bill on Saturday, September 30, 2023. Bowman initially stated that he was simply trying to exit out of a door that is normally open but just happened to be “emergency exit only” that day. He says he pulled the fire alarm because he thought that would open the door instead of what it did… which was sounding an alarm for the entire building and causing an evacuation. The vote was delayed for one hour as a result of Bowman’s actions.

A new video that just so happened to be released on the day charges against Bowman were revealed contradicts his story. The video shows Bowman approaching the door and taking the “emergency exit” signs off. He even took one of the signs away with him. His next step was to simply pull the fire alarm and walk away. The video makes it look like he had the intention to simply cause a disturbance and/or delay, which could have resulted in a serious criminal penalty.

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Bowman struck a deal with local police that allowed him to avoid any jail time. If he pays a $1,000 fine and issues a formal apology within three months, the case will be dismissed altogether and effectively expunged from his record. This is a far cry from the punishment others have received for committing a similar action. Prisoners accused of committing crimes on January 6th are accused of something that Bowman could have easily been charged with… obstruction of an official proceeding. That offense is a felony and may carry years in a federal penitentiary.


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New Footage Throws Wrench Into Defense Of Dem Rep Who Pulled Capitol Fire Alarm | The Daily Caller

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