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The Lincoln Project Claim Responsibility For Charlottesville Tiki Torch Stunt

The anti-Trump “Republican” group known as The Lincoln Project admit to staging the recent tiki torch incident in Virginia. A group of five people appeared in front of Republican Virginia Governor candidate Glenn Youngkin’s bus in Charlottesville, Virginia. An eye-witness said the group stated “we’re with Glenn” before they parked themselves in front of the bus. The group was all wearing the same white dress shirt, khaki pants, dark shoes, and sunglasses. They also had on dark sunglasses. This was an attempt to invoke memories of the “Unite The Right” rally that happened in 2017 featuring guys with this same appearance.

An obvious clue that this incident was a complete hoax was the weather conditions. It was pouring rain and the group was drenched with water from head to toe. They didn’t have on jackets nor did they have umbrellas to shield them from the rain. Since it was raining, there was no sunshine. So that totally negated any logical reason to have on dark sunglasses. These people were obviously placed in front of Youngkin’s tour bus in an attempt to smear him as some sort of white supremacist. The problem with this stunt is that most people identified how obviously fake it was from the very beginning. At least one of the people has been identified as a Democratic operative by Vice News.

Statement from the Lincoln Project
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The Lincoln Project justifies their hate hoax with another hoax – and that is the “good people on both sides” quote from Trump. They mischaracterize Trump’s statements as being supportive of hate groups. Trump was referring to people who came to the rally in 2017 to support or oppose the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. Trump instantly denounced the actual hate groups who descended upon Charlottesville for their own nefarious reasons. The Lincoln Project then tried to link Glenn Youngkin to Trump. Although Trump is a controversial figure, Youngkin is not controversial at all. That fact doesn’t seem to matter to groups like Lincoln Project because their ultimate goal is to support the Democratic party and whoever they bring forward. Unless there is a Republican who espouses all of the values of the Democratic party.

It is sort of surreal to see the Lincoln Project back in the “limelight” again. The co-founder of the group, John Weaver, found himself in hot water back in 2020. He allegedly harassed over 20 young men and boys online. There was even talk of criminal charges. He resigned shortly thereafter. Most people thought the group was done. But it is clear that the Democratic party (at least on a federal level) doesn’t have much when it comes to morality. So they’ll let groups that harbor predators continue to raise money and engage in political action as long as it benefits them.


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