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Trash Piles Up In NYC Due To The Vaccine Mandate

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledges the city’s sanitation workers may be protesting the vaccine mandate due to the sheer volume of trash currently piling up on the street. NYC residents are furious that trash has not been collected in a few days. The population density in the Big Apple is one of the highest in the world. Any issues with sanitation can quickly, and easily, cause serious problems with pest control. Every type of common rodent seen in America exists in New York City, especially roaches and rats. De Blasio still intends to follow through with his vax mandate. Protests like this one, however, may force the Mayor to reconsider his position.


NYC sanitation workers blame de Blasio’s vaccine mandate on trash pileups

NYC trash piles up; residents fear vax rule work slowdown – New York Daily News

NYC luxury tower accused piling up trash in front of West End supermarket

Trash piles up as vaccination deadline looms for NYC workers

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  1. According to de blasio, it’s only appropriate to walk off the job when he agrees with the protest. Otherwise, “protesting is fine but when you’re on the clock you work”. He can stick his clock where the sun don’t shine.


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