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Ice Cube Declines Millions From Movie Role Over Vaccine Mandate

Rapper and media mogul Ice Cube has declined a movie role worth $9 million over the film’s vaccine mandate. The movie is a comedy called “Oh Hell No” and it co-stars Jack Black. Production was slated to begin this winter in Hawaii. It is not clear if Cube will be replaced or if the production of the film will be scrapped totally due to the unforeseen change in star actors.

Ice Cube, real name O’Shea Jackson Sr., is no stranger to political controversy. Cube was part of NWA when their infamous “F The Police” song dominated the airwaves. He has always walked to the beat of his own drum when it comes to life and the music industry. Uncaring of what others on the outside think. Lately, that same mentality he has exhibited throughout his career has cost him a few fans who are more rigid in their thinking.

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Cube expressed interest in doing specific things to improve the status of black Americans. He reached out to all politicians… Democrat, Republican, and everything in between to accomplish his goal. Some people thought that he should not reach out to the right because of “racism” or whatever other issue they have with them. Cube thought otherwise. Just like the producers of “Oh Hell No” want Cube to get vaccinated. Cube thinks otherwise.


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  1. There are soooo many problems with their narrative: vax’d people are still getting COVID and spreading it around, immunity is short-term hence all the boosters, all the prophylactic treatments were basically made unavailable for some reason, little to no reporting of side effects and deaths from the shots, people got it and didn’t even know it, people got it but are considered “unvax’d” and therefore unclean even though they have stronger immunity than vaxxers. Then you have the buffoons that say you have a choice, get the vax or lose your job. Yeah, some choice.


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