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The Nancy Pelosi Rogue Salon Visit Deserves Media ‘Blowout’

Word is out about the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Salon Visit, showing her true, maskless face, as camera footage revealed the her getting a much-needed shampoo and blowout service — mask-free — in a San Francisco salon, even though local ordinances forbid salons from opening. Not only did she request service contrary to public safety regulations, she flew there to have the service done. Locked down Californians watched in awe and anger with homemade chili bowl haircuts, grown out Afros, split ends and all on top of business owners being unable to make ends meet.

When confronted by her actions, our “Nancy Antoinette” responded in a manner unbecoming of a House Representative who has served for more than 30 years. No, she didn’t say she was sorry for breaking the rules. She didn’t even thank the salon owner for accommodating her desperate need for a blowout. No, the haughty “Nancy Antoinette”, hair standing on end, says she was “set up.”

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But is anyone surprised by Pelosi’s sheer belligerence? And how thuggish to utter the words “set up” as if her secret plot was foiled? Pelosi’s actions only follow suit with a trend among some Democrat politicians and pundits who otherwise demand that you — the law-abiding citizen — follow the rules, the very same ones these people find hard to heed. Bizarrely, Nancy Pelosi getting her salon visit is acceptable to those who worship her pedicured feet.

In the land of the far-left, contradictions are not only common, they form the foundation of every argument or claim made. This is a place where empty promises are always on sale, lies roam free and everything goes unchecked. There is no mayor in the Land of the Left, yet everyone is a governor who tells everyone else what to do.

“Wear a mask.”

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“You’re safer at home.”

“Practice social distancing.”

“Eat a vegan diet and stop buying meat.”

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“Close down your business.”

“Beg for government money or starve.”

It would be a different case if we all agreed to do these things. For the most part, Americans are doing “the thing” to keep people safe. Yet behind closed doors — or in Pelosi’s case, caught maskless behind the doors of ESalonEF — the rules don’t apply. They don’t exist. Not as long as she is in desperate need of a wash and blow dry. It’s like a raw vegan who makes money online professing the gospel of eating nothing but grapes, but then becomes so deprived that she secretly nibbles on cheese cubes in the shadows. In the leftist’s mind, her needs, securities and comforts always come first. (Pbbbbbt… who cares if you get yours.)

What few understand about staunch adherents of unconstitutional public health mandates is that these people are only concerned that you follow the rules for their sake. They want YOU to wear the mask purely for their convenience. If we lived in a logical world where people properly rationalized their fear, these mask worshipers would simply put on their own masks to keep others safe. Makes sense? Yes it does. But it’s 2020, and this logic never seems to sink in for people who are concerned with only themselves. The running dialogue: “YOU must wear YOUR mask for MY well-being,” instead of “wear a mask to protect yourself.” But when people like “Nancy Antoinette” must do the same, wearing a mask is too much of a bother. (Remember, isn’t it supposed to be “just a mask?”)

Because it’s when they are tired of wearing the mask that the mandates come down.

When they’re done with being bored in their homes, they’ll come out to play.

When they can’t stomach yet another homemade, colon-wrecking Impossible Burger, they’ll go out to eat.

And when they want to make more money, everyone can go back to work.

For those of us who are from the Land of the Left where “Nancy Antoinette” lives, we know the stone tablets only last until someone decides to break it. Many of us who left the Democrat party are well-aware of these policymakers and the individuals who support them. But also, we are self-aware of how we, too, were once selfish rule-breakers who kept all of life’s material joys to ourselves. For this, we apologized and changed our ways.

Pelosi’s response suggests that she has much to learn about the beauty of humility. Putting yourself aside does wonders for your appearance, inside and out. A graceful woman becomes prettier not by shampoo services and blowouts, but by genuinely being understanding and concerned for others. An ugly attitude is far worse than any split end or gray hair. This is the beauty tip “Nancy Antoinette” needs to learn. For optics sake, not knowing this was truly the greatest set up of all.

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