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BLM Riots AGAIN, This Time in Rochester, New York!

Black Lives Matter (BLM) strikes again. This time, it’s over a 41-year-old black man by the name of Daniel Prude who died nearly one week after a police interaction in Rochester, New York. Police were called to a residence near the end of March 2020 where they encountered Prude naked in the middle of the street during a light snow shower.

Daniel Prude’s brother probably called the police on him because he was out of control. Medical professionals on the scene thought that Prude was probably experiencing “excited delirium.” Prude had a large amount of PCP in his system according to the medical report performed after his death.

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Social Media Makes Them Care

Not much movement happened with BLM back in March when the incident happened. But when a video of the incident was released a few days ago on social media, the flood gates opened wide. BLM descended upon Rochester and immediately engaged in low-level anarchy. They burned up a bus stop for some strange reason. Then they engaged in a popular thing that Black Lives Matter bullies are doing lately: harassing patrons at outdoor restaurants.

Video of this type of outdoor harassment first popped up from Adam’s Morgan in Washington DC. A sea of all-white Black Lives Matter “protesters” (pronounced “rioters”) demanded that the majority white patronage of a restaurant raise their fists in “solidarity.” Those who refused were ganged up on and nearly attacked. The rioters had masks on but the social distancing thing they love to screech about was totally abandoned.

Peaceful Protest Hoax Backed With Pseudoscience

A study from “ACLED” says that over 90% of Black Lives Matter protests are peaceful. The same study says that there is an issue with “state violence” against civilians. ACLED also claims that non-state violence is also a problem. It’s probably safe to read “non-state violence” as “vigilantes” or “white people defending themselves.” The ACLED study has made it to Twitter’s fake trending topics list and is now quoted by those who want to excuse the ridiculous behavior of Black Lives Matter.

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But there is no excuse. BLM is totally out of control. The Rochester incident proves it. There is no evidence that Daniel Prude was even killed by police. The evidence states that he was high on drugs and probably died as a result. Insurrectionists care little about facts and more about their end goal. Which is becoming more and more clear by the day. What is the goal?

Where From Here?

What is the finish line? Well, the actual founders of Black Lives Matter admitted that they are trained Marxists. And they did so live on television. Their tactics are what other Communist and/or Socialist regimes in the past have done. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to add up all the math and make a definitive conclusion.


Black Lives Matter Protesters Riot in Rochester, Harass Restaurant Patrons

Demonstrations & Political Violence in America: New Data for Summer 2020 | ACLED

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