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“The View” Forced To Apologize To Turning Point USA After Repeated False Statements

Hosts of “The View” were forced to issue a retraction and apology on air to Turning Point USA (TPUSA) over repeated false statements and accusations. TPUSA held the “Student Action Summit” in Tampa, Florida over the past weekend. Several high-profile conservatives were invited to speak at the event including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Matt Gaetz. This is an event largely for high school and college students but it is open to all ages.

A conservative event like “SAS 2022” will attract all sorts of bad actors. The mainstream media is the worst actor of all. This is where “The View” comes in. TPUSA’s event was mischaracterized as something hateful by “The View”. Groups of people who were identified as right-wing extremists or even “hate groups” appeared outside of the event and protested. “The View” wrongfully said that TPUSA invited these hate groups and let them in.

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TPUSA’s in-house counsel issued a cease-and-desist letter to “The View” due to incorrect statements like the one about the hate group. “The View” has such hateful, anti-conservative views that issuing a disclaimer or a retraction once wasn’t quite enough. Even after issuing an on-air disclaimer, hosts of the daytime talk show couldn’t help but still mischaracterize Turning Point USA. So after the first disclaimer came another disclaimer on a different day as well as an apology.


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