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Dallas Taco Bell Fight Ends With Boiling Hot Water Attack

A dispute over an incorrect order at a Dallas Taco Bell started off fairly routine… but it ended terribly after a hot water attack. The restaurant was open to drive-thru orders only when two women picked up their order. They came back through the line because something was wrong with the food. Apparently, the order was simply wrong. This sparked an argument that lasted for seven minutes. The women wound up getting out of their car and going to the front door of the business. The manager (or another employee) let the women in Taco Bell’s closed dining room. The argument from the drive-thru line continued inside the restaurant.

FULL VIDEO SOURCE: Attorney explains graphic video of boiling water incident at Dallas Taco Bell – YouTube

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Apparently, the argument got heated once the women got inside. The lawyer for at least one of the women in question said someone from behind the counter challenged them to a fight. Things escalated when the women took a step behind the counter. An employee of this Taco Bell scooped up a pitcher of boiling hot water and threw it on the women. Both women fell over each other in an effort to escape back through the front door. This hot water attack caused second and third-degree burns. The younger woman apparently had a seizure afterward. Both of the women who were burned by the water are seeking legal action against Taco Bell and its parent company. Dallas Police are considering criminal charges.


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