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The View Panelists Lecture Tim Scott About Being A Black Man In America

Panelists from “The View” interviewed Tim Scott, the Republican Senator from South Carolina who is currently running for President. “The View” is widely known as a heavily politically-charged show full of leftist women. Even the so-called Republican Ana Navarro is as left as it gets. So, of course, Tim Scott was going to receive a grilling instead of an honest interview. The interview also got strange at times, with Whoopi Goldberg getting out of her seat to go cuddle up with Sunny Hostin.

Speaking of Sunny Hostin, she attempted to lecture him on the ways that racism impacts society in the United States. She also told him that he is the “exception” to the “rule” which means that his success as a black male is uncommon… because he’s black. This, of course, is a racist thing to say and Tim Scott rejected the claim outright.

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Ana Navarro spoke to Scott about the feud between Disney World and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. She asked him if Disney was “far-left” which is probably a nod to conservatives engaged in the culture war against the left. Scott replied that he understands why there is a problem because Disney is indoctrinating children. As he began to expand on that thought, he was heavily booed by the crowd.

Whoopi Goldberg jumped in to stop the booing, saying that they don’t do that on the view and everyone deserves to have their voice heard. The problem with what Whoopi said is that their studio audience has been trained to react this way due to the constant vitriol spewed toward anything conservative on this set, day after day.


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