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Tony Bobulinski Tells Tucker Carlson All About The Biden Family

Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to clear his family name and give the American people exclusive information about the Biden family. Bobulinski was introduced into the Bidens’ world back in 2017 with the opportunity to help them secure a deal in China with CEFC China Energy. Bobulinski says he backed away from the deal after he discovered some shady business practices and operations from within the Biden family.

Bobulinksi attended the most recent debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in Nashville. He held a press conference before the debate in which he produced three phones that he handed over to the FBI. Bobulinski claimed that there was evidence that ties Hunter and Joe Biden to foreign business deals on his phones. Text messages that allegedly came from those phones were displayed on the screen during the Bobulinski interview on Fox News. The emails show correspondence between Hunter and Bobulinksi and also correspondence between a Biden family rep and Bobulinski.

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The primary motivation behind Bobulinski’s appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show appears to be an effort to clear his family’s name. Adam Schiff dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop story and Bobulinksi’s press conference as “being straight from the Kremlin.” Bobulinski is a retired Navy Lieutenant who achieved “Q” level security clearance, which is a very difficult clearance to obtain. Tony Bobulinksi claims to be apolitical and when he has given to political candidates, they have always been Democrat. He does not have a political axe to grind. But to label him as a Russian asset and/or tool may have been a bit too much.

Much of what was revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop in the way of shady foreign business dealings has been corroborated by Tony Bobulinski. The Ukraine story involving Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma Holdings has been widely reported and is well-known by now. Bobulinski added more fuel to the foreign deal fire by mentioning China, Kazakhstan, and Romania. The Romania story directly involves Joe Biden because Bobulinski had a sit-down meeting with Joe behind a column in a restaurant in Romania. The purpose of the random location and the view-obstructing column appears to be an effort to keep their meeting secret.

Bobulinski says that while Hunter Biden’s name may be on all of the deals, Joe is most certainly behind the scenes orchestrating somethings and profiting off of everything. Bobulinski confirmed one email that says 10% of the CEFC China Energy deal would go to Joe Biden. The former Vice President has denied any wrong-doing as it relates to allegations of improper foreign business dealings. Hunter Biden has not been seen or heard from publicly aside from a taped appearance during the Democratic National Convention.

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