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Why “Can I Change My Vote” is Trending Ahead of 2020 Election?

If you’ve caught wind of any of the topics this week, you probably want to douse yourself in holy water and pray that your candidate wins fair and square. But interestingly enough, some disillusioned early voters are having a change of heart — hopefully toward Trump.

So far, an estimated 65 million people have already voted. But over the past day, Google searches for “can I change my vote” have skyrocketed in all states, and edging toward peak popularity in several states like Delaware, Maine, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, according to Google Trends (as of 10/27/2020).

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It appears that many Americans are now learning that early votes can be changed. President Donald Trump tweeted in response to the trend, stating that changes to early votes are possible and to “go do it.”

So why are people searching for this? After all, most people by this point have an idea of who they’re voting for? Right? So why is this trending less than a week away from the election?

It appears a few recent issues would lead people to even ask:

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1. The second (and final) presidential debate was pretty dismal on part of our Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden who not only performed poorly but pledged to “transition away from the oil industry. This should be a red flag to all Americans, not just those who work in the oil refineries or have stock in crude oil. This “transition” would impact everyone considering petroleum is used in so many of our goods that don’t stop at cars and trucks. Petroleum is also used in clothing, medicine, beauty supplies, agriculture and more as included in this very useful infographic.

2. Hunter Biden is highly problematic for his father’s Democratic presidential campaign. From Hunter’s alleged business relationships with China and Ukraine, to the recently leaked (and highly questionable) videos and photos, voters are left wondering whether Joe should even continue running for president. It didn’t help that former business associate Tony Bobulinski came forward before the debate to confirm the allegations.

3. Star power shines in favor of President Trump as rappers and entertainers express their support for Trump or at least a willingness to work with the White House. Ice Cube went on the defensive about his Contract with Black America after being criticized for working with President Trump on the “Platinum Plan for Black Americans.” The proposed CWBA was presented to both Trump and Biden’s campaigns, upon which the Trump White House came forward while Biden’s campaign deferred the discussion until after the election. This forced Cube to take the Republican party’s approach seriously. Lil Pump and Waka Flocka also came forward to express their support for POTUS. Perhaps they are bringing voters along with them.

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With these issues and more in mind, the question remains: “Can I actually change my early vote?” Apparently it’s possible depending on which state you’re in. At the very least, this change in heart is an indicator of how many people are actually paying attention to the issues, and these are the kinds of voters we need.



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