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Traffic Stop In Richmond, Virginia Goes Viral Due To Ridiculous Driver

A traffic stop near the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia started in a completely unnecessary fashion. A man was pulled over for going 50 in a 25. This was a simple traffic infraction for speeding. The officer may have given the man a warning or a ticket… nothing very serious. However, the man in the vehicle decided to immediately get out of his vehicle before the officer even walked all the way to him. The officer politely told him several times to get back in the car and sit down. The man refused and said, “I think you’re messing with me… I want to speak to somebody”. After a little bit of verbal back-and-forth, the man eventually tried to grab the officer’s gun. This proved to be an unsuccessful effort. The officer was successful, however, in landing a few punches to the man’s face to get him under control and handcuffed on the ground.


VCU Police: Bodycam video shows suspect reach for officer’s gun in Richmond traffic stop | WRIC ABC 8News

Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter: “Why did he grab the officer’s gun?” / Twitter

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