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Trans Netflix Employees And Their Allies Plan Walkout In Protest Of Dave Chappelle

A group of trans Netflix employees and their allies planned a walkout for Wednesday, October 20th in protest of Dave Chappelle. Prior to the walkout plan, a group of three trans employees decided to crash a Netflix executive meeting. About 500 people were at this meeting discussing serious business. The employees interrupted the proceedings to express their grievances against Dave Chappelle. They label Chappelle as transphobic and even dangerous to the trans community because of the content in his latest Netflix special “The Closer”.

The employees who crashed the executive meeting were suspended by Netflix. A statement was released by Netflix after this incident affirming the trans employee’s opinion, but also denouncing the action of barging into a meeting. Netflix also affirms Dave Chappelle’s right to freedom of speech. As they should since “The Closer” is a huge draw to the content-streaming platform. Profits tend to override the feelings of a few misguided employees. However, Netflix’s chase for profits while attempting to foster a “diverse” workplace atmosphere may have actually backfired here.

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Dave Chappelle is not a person known for kowtowing to the proverbial “mob.” He famously walked away from $50,000,000 over at Comedy Central when he felt there was a sinister ulterior motive to it all. Issues with offending certain groups of people or the ability to maintain content control were probably discussed at length before Chappelle signed on the dotted line at Netflix. While it is true that the transgender employees and their allies have the right to protest, it is also true that Chappelle nor Netflix will not truly be swayed or affected by their actions one way or another.


Netflix trans employees and allies plan walkout in protest of Dave Chappelle special

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