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Trans Starbucks Barista Melts Down Over Work Conditions And More

An unnamed trans Starbucks barista posted a video of themselves melting down in the break room over a simple thing. Well, there were at least two things this person (pronouns undisclosed) had an issue with. The first thing was the issue of working. The barista said that in addition to being a full-time student, they also work 25 hours a week at Starbucks. This work schedule includes full-time open-to-close hours on Saturday and Sunday. This isn’t anything new for college kids who also work. Classes don’t typically take place on the weekend so these kids are placed on the schedule for more extended periods of time on those days.

The facts of how customer service-related jobs work when it comes to scheduling didn’t matter to this poor soul. Tears began to flow in the video as the subject of the work was explained a little bit deeper. It was also revealed that there is a staffing shortage at this particular Starbucks location. This is actually a problem that has affected the entire nation. Some would say that the second pandemic is one of chronic understaffing. Maybe there are not enough employees and that is causing this individual to feel overworked. Then again, there are many more strenuous jobs out there in the United States aside from pouring milk, coffee, and sugar into cups all day.

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Sebastian Gorka DrG on Twitter: “Trans Barrister has meltdown because 8 hours is too long to work on a day…” / Twitter

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