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Takeoff From “The Migos” Shot And Killed At Age 28 In Houston, Texas

The rapper known as Takeoff from the group “The Migos” was shot dead at age 28 in Houston, Texas. The story is still developing but some of the basic details are known to the general public. A scuffle started over a dice game at a Houston hotel. Takeoff’s Uncle Quavo (who is also part of the Migos) was allegedly losing badly during the dice game. This caused a commotion to start between the Migos entourage and some other guys who may have been Houston locals. Before long, gunshots rang out and Takeoff was the only one who died, but one or two others were injured.

Rumor has it (from a strong source) that Takeoff was shot by friendly fire. As the confrontation between the Migos entourage and the other guys started, someone from the Migos camp opened fire. Takeoff was reportedly not involved with the dice game or any altercation, he was simply close enough to get hit in the crossfire. The other group shot back at the Migos camp and it is possible that their gunfire also hit Takeoff. A brief video from the scene shows a lifeless Takeoff on the ground with a confused Quavo standing over him.

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The Atlanta-based rap group has been around for over 10 years. They have smash-hit songs such as “Versace”, “Bad & Boujie”, and “Walk It, Talk It”. The group featured three members including Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset. Offset is married to world-famous rapper Cardi B. Migos recently split up to become a duo rather than a trio, minus Offset.


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