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Brooklyn Nets Star Kyrie Irving Gets Into Heated Discussion With Reporter

Brooklyn Nets star basketball player Kyrie Irving got into a heated verbal exchange with a reporter during a press conference. The conference appears to have taken place after a home game. Irving has been the center of controversy after a couple of his Twitter posts offended a select group of people. The first “violation” was a book and movie that he posted by Ronald Dalton entitled “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America!”. The second “problematic” tweet was an old video from Alex Jones where he spoke about “The New World Order”.

The clip from Alex Jones was not problematic because of the actual content found within it. The issue was that Kyrie posted Alex Jones at all. Jones is now seen as persona non grata by many due to the Sandy Hook trial and verdict. All of the aforementioned “issues” with Kyrie Irving’s tweets has the media attempting to give him the Kanye West treatment. They simply want to label him has mentally unstable and as an attention-seeker to dismiss what he says instead of simply allowing him to research and discuss things as a free man should.

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Barrington Martin II on Twitter: “.@KyrieIrving you’re not alone at all, brother. Very well articulated. Stay strong and vigilant. The truth is indeed liberating. Stay on your square.” / Twitter

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