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Trans Ukraine Soldier From USA Issues Threat To Detractors And Haters

A transgender person by the name of Sarah Ashton-Cirillo issued a thinly veiled threat against journalists who are detracting from the success of Ukraine. In a strange, rambling post uploaded to X (formerly known as Twitter), Cirillo spoke about the role he plays in Ukraine as a frontline soldier and also a Russian disinformation analyst. Cirillo, formerly Mike of Florida, first visited Ukraine as a journalist. Then, somehow, he became a spokesperson for a branch of their armed forces called Ukraine Territorial Defense or TDF.

TDF has since suspended Cirillo from duties as a spokesperson. The online rant targeted journalists and basically put a bounty on their heads. This was confusing considering how Cirillo also pointed out how important the First Amendment of the United States is. Cirillo’s justification for what sounded like threats against reporters was that they were doing the dirty work for the Russian Federation. This sounds very similar to what factions of the US Government say about people like Trump. The Russia excuse seems to be the answer for everything.

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