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Anti Ron DeSantis Ad Fails Miserably

An advertisement directed against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made its debut online recently and to say it backfired may just be an understatement. The commercial focuses on the Governor’s response to the virus. The commercial highlights the Governor’s lack of virus restrictions and mandates. Migration patterns of people and packed beaches in places like Miami spell a much different story than what the ad would like for the general public to believe.

There is not much to attack DeSantis on, so the commercial had to present media spots widely taken as positive in a negative way. Ominous music and darkened video footage attempted to achieve the aforementioned goal but failed miserably. People are fleeing blue states with tight regulations such as New York to head to Florida and other states like it. California is actually losing population. So much so that they are going to lose House seats. If virus regulations, high taxes, and a lack of freedom were all attractive qualities to seek in a state then California would be booming with more population. But that simply is not the case.

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A group by the name of “Remove Ron” sponsored the ad and it is not endorsed by any particular candidate. This group may have popped up due to the immense popularity of the Governor. The thought process held by many is that DeSantis could run for President and win. He is most certainly a shoo-in for Governor of Florida if he so chooses to run. The world is his oyster and the left wants to stunt his growth as early as possible. Even some on the right don’t want the next “Trump” to pop up. This basically means that the elite establishment would rather have a person that they can control rather than someone who feels responsible to serve their constituents properly.


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