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Transgender Women Banned From International Swim Competition

Transgender women have been banned from global swimming competitions by the International Swimming Federation (FINA). This rule appears to be a direct answer to the issue of Lia Thomas, the transgender woman who competed at UPenn as a man for three years before becoming a woman and then breaking women’s records. Thomas had aspirations of heading to the Olympics as a woman and competing there. FINA’s decision ends any possibility of that happening.

FINA has jurisdiction over aquatic sports like water polo, diving, and of course, swimming. The International Olympic Committee recognizes FINA as an authoritative body as do other worldwide championship events. The NCCA, however, is not under the jurisdiction of FINA. This new rule would not have prevented Lia Thomas from competing in NCAA competitions, but it prevents them from going any further beyond college.

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This rule specifically names transgender women, not transgender men. Obviously, biological men have a physical advantage over biological women. Biological women do not have this advantage over biological men. Men are naturally bigger, stronger, faster, and simply better athletically than women. Even if natural-born men get on drugs to reduce their testosterone level, it does not remove their God-given advantage.


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