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Andrew Gillum, Failed 2018 Florida Governor Candidate, Charged With Fraud

Andrew Gillum, a failed Florida Gubernatorial Candidate, has been charged with 21 counts of wire fraud related to his 2018 campaign. Gillum first made headlines two years ago after pictures of his disgusting hotel room surfaced. Gillum was found to be living a double lifestyle. He presented an image of a man married to a woman with children to the general public. But behind closed (hotel room) doors, he was living as a gay man who engaged in illicit drug activity (possibly) meth and sex with other men. The hotel room incident became both a moment of embarrassment and an attempt to align the failed Governor candidate with the LGBTQ+ community. The issue with that incident is that it painted Gillum as a dishonest person with big secrets.

The charges Gillum is facing stem from allegations of money being mishandled from 2017-2019 which coincide with his 2018 campaign to become Governor of Florida, which he ultimately lost to the wildly popular Ron DeSantis. The allegations state that Gillum and another person by the name of Sharon Janet Lettman-Hicks engaged in a scheme to divert campaign money into Gillum’s personal pocket. At some point during this scheme, Gillum even conversed with FBI agents. Gillum says that these charges are false and essentially a politically-driven witch hunt. His statement doesn’t make much sense considering it is the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice who are bringing these charges up.

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Andrew Gillum, former candidate for Florida governor, charged with conspiracy, wire fraud

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