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Trump Gives Controversial Answer On The Question Of Abortion

President Trump gave a highly controversial take on the issue of abortion bans when asked by Kristen Welker of NBC News. Welker asked Trump if he would sign a ban similar to what state Governors like Ron DeSantis have done. This sort of ban is typically known as a “Heartbeat Bill.” When this bill becomes law, the result is that abortions beyond six weeks are banned because this is when a heartbeat can be detected in an unborn baby. Trump not only said that such a thing would be a terrible mistake, but he also directly called out Ron “DeSanctus” over it. Trump stated that there would need to be some compromise over the issue. He would not answer directly when asked if he would sign an abortion ban at 15 weeks.

Trump also recently waffled on a question posed by Megyn Kelly, formerly of Fox News. The interview itself was interesting and sort of monumental, considering the contentious relationship between the two. Kelly did not let her past somewhat combative history with Trump interfere with her questions. She did not lob him any softballs. One question she asked sort of tripped him up, to the surprise of many conservative people watching. She asked if men could become women, and he did not directly answer. He did, however, state that men could not have babies. He appeared to be hesitant to say much else.

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Critics of Trump’s recent interviews say that this is not the same man from 2016. This is a debatable point. Back in 2015, Trump was asked if a transgender person could use the restroom of their choice, to which Trump said yes. This question was most likely pointed toward his friend, Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner. The two have been pictured hanging out at Mar-A-Lago throughout the years and recently. Jenner speaks highly of Trump. The issue of transgenders in restrooms has become so contentious that even leftist parents in Northern, deep-blue Virginia are protesting against it.

Trump may be attempting to reach back toward the middle to gain some of the votes who may be swaying toward a DeSantis, an independent vote, or simply staying home. Then there is also the school of thought that says this is always how Trump has been, but the media have done a very good job and refusing to highlight and outright lying about his character to make him out as some evil, right-wing villain.


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