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US Gives Iran 6 Billion In Cash After Prisoner Swap For Five Americans

Five Iranian citizens who were prisoners in the United States were exchanged for five American citizens who were prisoners in Iran. There is one key difference between the exchanges. The United States “released” $6 billion dollars to the Islamic Republic of Iran. This money was held up in a South Korean bank, then wired to Switzerland, then Qatar. The money may have been delivered to Iran just like the $400 billion the Obama regime gave to Iran due to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

The cash-only delivery is due to the sanctions on Iran. These sanctions are the same reason why the $6 billion had to be released to Iran in the first place. This money was rightfully earned by Iran, mostly through oil revenue. The money was caught up in the International Monetary System (banking) due to sanctions.

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National Security Comms Director John Kirby says that sanctions are still on Iran. This, however, flies in the face of what is obvious. There is an obvious loophole to the sanctions. Imprison Americans, negotiate for their release and demand temporary sanctions relief as part of the deal. This appears to be right out of the Britney Griner/Viktor Bout playbook.


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