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Trump: Temporarily Suspend ALL Immigration!

The President made the controversial announcement on Twitter.

President Trump announced on Twitter that immigration to the United States would be temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The decision was given a mixed reaction. Praise from some and condemnation from others. Those that praise the decision understand the dire straits the United States are in. Widespread joblessness, a dodgy logistics situation, and plenty of political strife. Now is obviously not the time to try and admit more people.

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Of course, there are many others who look at the decision to pause immigration as … racist. DNC chair Tom Perez alluded to Trump using immigrants as “scapegoats” on Twitter shortly after the immigration pause was announced.

Negative reaction from the left to Trump’s announcement doesn’t make much sense. For the past two months, mainstream media and the political left alike have been preaching a message of “stay home”. “Stay home,” “stop the spread,” and “social distancing” are key phrases that have been beat into the ground.

But now that the President (and many American citizens) want to pause immigration, it’s an issue? Why can’t non-US citizens stay home like the political left are begging US citizens to stay home?

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Day by day, the virus is looking less like a pandemic and more like an opportunity to gain political points and control.

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