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Hot Mic Moment DESTROYS Covid-19 Narrative!

In the moments leading up to the most recent White House press briefing on COVID-19, Golden State Times was live-streaming the press room. A couple of guys enter frame, one with a mask and one without. They most likely don’t know that they are being audio recorded with a hot mic. The man without a mask says to the other that he doesn’t need his mask. He goes on to cite a study that came out Monday from USC that studied the virus in Los Angeles County.

Although the number of reported COVID cases in Los Angeles County at the time of the study was around 8,000, the actual number may be much higher. As in… 221,000 to 442,000 cases instead of 8,000. If that’s the case, then the death rate from COVID – at least in LA County – is a fraction of a percent. Less than one percent. Which puts the death rate in the same ballpark as seasonal flu. A nothing burger.

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So the million dollar question here is … if the study is accurate then why are many Americans still on lock down orders? Why did LAPD shut order a skate park in Venice Beach to be filled with sand? Why did a man in New York get arrested for having a party at a barbershop? It seems like the only people who get a pass here are the vagrants and criminals. They still get to trespass in their tents or get released from their violent crime jail sentence.

Americans were told that the reason for self-quarantine and social distancing was to slow the spread of the virus so hospitals wouldn’t get overwhelmed and be rendered useless. At this point, it is clear that hospitals are not overwhelmed. From nurses across the country dancing on TikTok to 8,000 hospital ships treating only 20 to 30 patients.

Enough is enough. It is far past time for our country to come back from the brink of apocalypse. Unnecessary fear-mongering and the resulting panicking must stop NOW.

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