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Tucker Carlson Spars With Australian Reporter Over “Great Replacement Theory”

Tucker Carlson sparred with a very liberal reporter in Australia on the concept of the “Great Replacement Theory” after he delivered a talk. The reporter was very aggressive and clearly had a negative preconceived notion of Tucker. She asked him about his previous statements about migrants invading the West to replace white people. Tucker responded that he had never said such a thing before. He has spoken about the Great Replacement Theory, but it isn’t about skin color. It is about native-born citizens of a place being replaced by non-citizens from all over the world. The reporter’s questions continued to descend into more gaslighting, accusing Tucker Carlson of being a racist without specifically saying those direct words.


Benny Johnson on X: “WATCH: Tucker NUKES Liberal “Reporter” after asking her to give an example to back up her claim🔥” / X

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