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UK Scientist Behind Lockdown BREAKS It With Married Lover!

A UK Scientist by the name of Neil Ferguson is responsible for models that predicted between 250,000 and 500,000 COVID-19 deaths in the UK if drastic actions were not taken. Boris Johnson locked the country down towards the end of March due, in large part, to the models created by Ferguson. Some of the “drastic actions” include social distancing, quarantine, and lockdown. Also, it is recommended that couples do not meet each other if they don’t live together.

Neil Ferguson decided to break all of the rules and recommendations by inviting his married lover to his home during the COVID-19 lockdown. Cries of hypocrisy are raining down on Ferguson’s head. How could a man that nearly … single-handedly destroyed the economy in the United Kingdom with his death models ignore the very rules he helped to usher in? The issue of morality relating to his mistress being married is not as important as Ferguson breaking his own rules.

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Global Impact

Protests have shot up across the United States, United Kingdom, and the world at large. People become more disillusioned as economies crash due to over-bearing regulations to combat COVID-19. So, when a guy like Ferguson decides that the very rules people are protesting against don’t apply to him, people are going to take note and use it as ammunition.

The funny part about this is that mainstream leftist media in the United Kingdom are defending Neil Ferguson. Article after article starts off with “yes Ferguson was wrong … BUT!” As if acknowledging his wrongdoing will disguise his obvious hypocrisy. And lack of belief in the pandemonium he predicted.

Media To The Rescue

Leftist media say attacks against him are motivated by “right-wing ideologues” with an ax to grind in regards to COVID shutdown procedures. An article even compared criticism towards Ferguson to criticism against climate change “experts.” A laughable comparison no doubt, but a serious one. Mainstream leftist media sources have a stranglehold on the information the public receives and is therefore taken at face value more often than not.

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Neil Ferguson isn’t the first guy to tell the public to do one thing and then do another in regards to the Chinese virus. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s wife flew to Florida while Illinois was preaching against flying. When asked about it, Pritzker just brushed it off and refused to talk about it. Michelle Obama told Americans to restrict activities to essentials. Outings like golfing are not essential, therefore Mrs. Obama is against it. But just two days before her statement, Barack Obama decided to go golfing.

All of this just goes to show that the people in charge don’t really believe in what they tell the masses. They think they are above all of the guidelines that place people in jail for violating them. It’s the typical Democratic Party, leftist mantra. “Do as I say, never as I do!”

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