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Michigan Democrat Lawmaker Hires “Diverse” Armed Guard After Protest!

Sarah Anthony, a black Democratic state lawmaker from Michigan, hired an armed guard of black and Latino activists to escort her to the Capitol building. This comes after the April 30th protest at the Capitol building in favor of re-opening the state. The protest also focused on Governor Gretchen Whitmer and random rules put in place during the coronavirus shutdown.

The race of Anthony’s armed guard is important to her. She describes the April 30th protest at the Capitol as one peppered with white supremacists and racist symbols like swastikas. It’s difficult to tell what symbols were actually present at the protest. The only swastika appears to be a sign mocking Whitmer, labeling her as a Nazi. Not a swastika that was worn by a person who actually embraces any racism.

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Nevertheless, Sarah Anthony decided to hire a black and Latino armed guard of six people for her safety. Which is most certainly her right. If it’s legal to open carry in Michigan, even in state buildings, then nobody should be excluded from that right. Everyone should be encouraged to exercise their rights and protect themselves.

The greater issue behind this story is the narrative of “reopeners” somehow being racist. Or only being white, privileged men that want to hurt minorities by opening. Far from it. Opening the state of Michigan (and the country for that matter) benefits everyone. Studies coming out of New York appear to show that social distancing and isolation aren’t really the best options going forward.

Speaking of New York, their situation should convince people of sound mind that current policies regarding the virus aren’t working too well. 35 of the 40 people arrested in Brooklyn for social distancing violations are black. At the same time, minority activists in New York and all over the country are calling for more lockdown measures. Things that are not proven to actually work in science.

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Even the World Health Organization itself says that Sweden may have the best model going forward. They did not do any lockdown, just moderate social distancing. And they allowed citizens to make their own minds up regarding protection for themselves. And if a black person does or does not want to patronize a business, then that is their prerogative.

Sarah Anthony’s all-minority armed guard should be proof that there is no conspiracy to only allow white men to carry guns and protest. So there goes that narrative. This whole situation could be a good thing. Maybe if enough false rumors spread about minorities being unable to carry guns spread, then they will rebel against that and do it. Legally, of course.

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