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Kanye West Buys Social Media App “Parler” After Series Of Bans And Restrictions On Larger Platforms

Kanye West buys the social media platform “Parler” after a barrage of restrictions and bans on other, larger venues. Kanye, now known as “Ye”, made controversial comments about Jewish people and their role in controlling significant industries such as record labels. He recently appeared on the “Drink Champs” podcast along with fellow rapper and host NOREGA. The interview was nearly four hours long and a wide range of topics was covered. A few clips surfaced online that were labeled as insensitive, racist, or outright anti-semitic.

After the Drink Champs podcast went live, it was immediately criticized as platforming an anti-semitic person in Ye West. Comments about George Floyd dying of a fentanyl overdose instead of the infamous “knee” and also comments criticizing Jews were the main issues that got Ye and NORE in trouble. NORE had to go on an apology tour for hosting Ye. REVOLT TV, which is partly owned by Sean Combs aka Diddy, removed the episode of Drink Champs featuring Ye. YouTube itself may have also removed the video.

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Kanye’s acquisition of Parler is an interesting move that may be an impulse purchase. He may feel restricted by popular social media apps like Twitter and Instagram due to restrictions over Jewish comments. So, he probably just reached out to friends of his. Parler is owned by a company owned by George Farmer. Candace Owens is good friends with Kanye West. She just so happens to be married to George Farmer. It’s easy for Ye to simply reach out to his friends and buy their social media app to gain a sense of freedom. The problem is that Parler has limited reach and won’t really be effective.


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