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University Of Texas Austin Lays Off Their Entire DEI Department

The University Of Texas at Austin has fired up to 60 staff after a state-wide ban on DEI at public universities. About 1,000 students reportedly met at UT Austin to discuss the next steps after DEI was disbanded on campus. Students who spoke to local media say that this is yet another example of why Texas hates minorities, especially black people.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives have sparked nationwide controversy over allegations of racism. Defenders of DEI say programs under that umbrella promote underrepresented communities. Opponents of DEI say that the end result of trying to “uplift” minority groups is racism against other groups, including other minorities such as Asians.

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Texas DEI ban leads to mass layoffs at UT Austin |

Students mobilize as UT lays off employees under new Texas DEI ban – YouTube

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