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University of Wisconsin Removes “Racist” Rock From Madison Campus

A 70-ton rock on the campus of the University of Wisconsin at Madison has been removed after being labeled racist by students. The rock sat atop Observatory Hill where it had been since 1925 when it was extracted from the hill. Controversy sprang up when it was discovered that a newspaper from back in 1925 referred to the newly discovered rock as a “ni**erhead”. This was a common term to refer to any large, dark-colored rock in the 1920s. It was never referred to as anything other than Chamberlain Rock outside of that one newspaper article. That history was enough to get the humongous rock physically removed from campus.


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  1. The Lee family was pretty influential in Virginia history. Of course you’ve got Robert E., the famous general, but also his grandfather or great grandfather, and grand uncle (I think that’s the relation) both signed the Declaration of Independence.

    I commented this on another site, so this is a re-use: Those kids that made this happen probably afterwards had a good laugh at this school’s dumb administration’s expense. “We told them the rock was racist and they had to move it, AND THEY DID! HAHHAHAHAHA!!”


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