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UPDATE: Biden’s CDC Revives Eviction Moratorium For Most

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revived the eviction moratorium that initially expired on July 31st. Joe Biden’s administration initially resisted this as a possibility stating that their hands were legally tied. A Supreme Court ruling (or lack thereof) appeared to have backed up the Biden administration’s claim. The new eviction moratorium is set to last for two months. No word on if there is a plan on extending this latest “rule” from the CDC past the October expiration date.

Back in June, SCOTUS ruled to keep the existing eviction moratorium in place. Justice Brett Kavanaugh stated that actual legislation from Congress would be needed to extend it beyond the expiration date of July 31st. No legislation happened, yet the CDC ruled to extend it, citing the DELTA variant of the virus. Various mainstream media headlines acknowledge that this move from Biden’s CDC may be illegal, but necessary.

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There are avenues to give landlords and tenants relief from the obvious cost of a ban on evictions. However, these programs are set up by individual states and sometimes individual cities or counties. This means that each program is different in the method and speech in which they dole out money. These programs are also different in the percentage of necessary money that they distribute. And tenants often get priority over landlords in these situations. This is an obvious problem that will set thousands of people back financially.

Congresswomen Cori Bush and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) were vocal opponents of the initial eviction moratorium expiration. Bush famously “slept” out on the Capitol steps surrounded by neatly-placed foodstuffs and a comfortable blanket in protest of the expiration. AOC made several Sunday show appearances and also a Capitol photo-op. Bernie Sanders even joined in on the fun. The latest news from the CDC is a victory for them, although it may not necessarily be a thing they can take credit for. And they may not want credit if (and when) things go wrong.


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  1. Eviction moratorium was an illegal edict to begin with. Great opportunity for some representatives somewhere to step in and save the day. Rather, we were let down again, by all branches of Fed AND local governments. All this arguing over masks is stupid, when you got the Federal government driving people into the poor house. You don’t like your landlord? Move! If your landlord loses the property because of this, the person or organization that buys it might not give a rip about a moratorium. They might bulldoze the place and build a social justice center. What you gonna do then? Who you gonna cry to? Pay your rent! You owe it.

  2. High profile protests is the most effective strategy. Real estate groups, save money from lobbying, use it to recruit grass root landlords for a protest in front of CDC.


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