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Cori Bush: Defund The Police But Give Me Private Security

“Defund The Police” advocate Cori Bush responded to the controversy surrounding her $70,000 private security bill. During a television interview with CBS, Bush stated that it doesn’t matter how much money she spends on private security because there are legitimate threats against her life. She then doubled down on the need to defund the police. While these comments are shocking and contradictory, the House Rep from St. Louis is no stranger to controversy. Just a day or so ago, she protested the Federal Government failing to renew the eviction moratorium by sleeping on the steps of the US Capitol.

Cori Bush is not alone in her obvious hypocrisy of wanting private security, yet desiring to take security away from common citizens. Much of the political class have an elitist view of themselves. They think they are “too big to fail” but the common man cannot have this same distinction for himself. So when these political “elites” take millions of taxpayer dollars to protect themselves, they view it as necessary to protect everyone else. This stance does not make any sense, but it is very common.

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Democrat leaders all over the country have done the exact same thing that Cori Bush has done. The mayors of San Francisco, Chicago, and Baltimore all support efforts to defund police. Yet, they have all spent millions of dollars on private security for themselves. The famously “diverse” city council of Minneapolis spent at least $150,000 for a brief period of time to secure three council members.

Efforts to defund the police have resulted in a sharp rise in homicide rates all around the country. Atlanta, Georgia is suffering a 60% increase in homicide. Portland, Oregon had a homicide rate that was as high as 800% higher year-to-date earlier in 2021. Elections have consequences. Some of these consequences are greater than others. The lack of safety for common citizens brought to them by self-serving politicians is one of the most damaging election consequences that anyone could think of.


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