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UPDATE on The Ahmaud Arbery Case!

The shooting of Ahmaud Arbery case is still developing. New information is out and seems to get released on a daily basis. The initial story is that he was jogging in a neighborhood, stopped by a home under construction out of curiosity, then wound up shot by two white men in a pickup truck who thought he was a burglary suspect. That’s the story mainstream media and leftist politicians are pushing. Which is of no surprise seeing as how it’s election time. And unfortunately, the push is working.

Black conservatives are getting hit especially hard over this case. Their opinions and the opinions of the black population majority are in sharp contrast. Ahmaud Arbery is a victim in the eyes of most. No amount of new evidence is going to change that. This is a shame because the evidence against Arbery is starting to rack up. Although all of the facts aren’t known, a lot of them are. And the facts are looking less and less in favor of the victim.

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The initial story of Ahmaud being a jogger minding his own business does not appear to line up with reality. Video of Arbery on that Sunday afternoon spots him casually walking through a neighborhood, pausing once he gets to the now-infamous house, then sprinting inside the home. He is then shown inside the property, randomly looking around. In another video, someone is also spotted in the home, at night. That someone is most likely Ahmaud Arbery, although that’s not a confirmed fact yet.

Gregory and Travis McMichael may be well within their rights to follow and/or chase Ahmaud if they think he is a burglary suspect. In the state of Georgia, it’s legal to follow someone and call the police if you suspect in a case like this. It’s also legal to perform citizen arrests in Georgia. But that’s only if you witness them commit a felony or if intent to commit a felony can be proven.

The Waycross, Georgia DA suggested that there be no charges filed against either the elder McMichael or his son. Ahmaud Arbery did, in fact, attack at least one of them first. Yes, one could say that the father and son were overzealous in their pursuit of Arbery. After all, does “trespassing” warrant a “car chase” with guns? That’s a matter of personal opinion that has nothing to do with the law. According to the DA’s letter, Arbery grabbed the shotgun and may have pulled the trigger himself. On accident, of course. When a grand jury is presented with that video and advice found in the DA’s letter, how will they rule?

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Talking media heads and random people online are calling for high murder charges against father and son McMichael. That is the same strategy that left people upset after George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Americans are still innocent until proven guilty. Courtrooms are less about emotion and more about paperwork. What a person is accused of, charged with, and/or found guilty of are not always the same. Overcharging a person is just the same as not charging them. Justice won’t be served if there is any to serve.

Ahmaud Arbery’s case is still developing. More facts are coming out day by day. Once the Grand Jury commences, all facts will be on the table. Lawyers and judges will be involved. That is the appropriate time to reach conclusions. Not now.

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  1. Thanks for presenting the facts, ABL. The media spinned the story for sensationalism, as usual. Dividing us along racial lines is in the media’s favor— more inflammatory stories to push. We don’t know all the facts yet. Thanks for revealing these.

  2. Hi Anthony. Thank you for your dedication to the idea we can only offer opinions on matters such as this Arbery case. The law truly is the only thing that matters and it will be up to an empaneled jury to try the facts. Having said that, I agree that Ahmaud might have been up to no good. Or he might have been just curious about seeing what a house being built looks like. At first I didnt think race played a part in this. But the new video shows him running away fast, as though the McMichaels had shouted at him arrogantly causing Ahmaud to be afraid. And I wonder if they would have yelled so arrogantly if it was just a curious white kid or if they wouldn’t have calmly walked over to ask him what was up. Sadly we’ll never know. But they did immediately grab guns and went in a vehicle to pursue him. And the law is clear, which really means it doesn’t matter if Ahmaud was looking for something to steal or not. His character, good or bad, has no bearing on what the McMichaels did. They chased down and confronted a person with weapons, one of them being a long arm shotgun. Any person has the right to protect himself when confronted like that. I think Ahmaud was simply trying to protect himself from these aggressors. And I think he was within his rights to protect himself. Whether the trigger was pulled on purpose or by accident doesn’t matter either. The prosecutor said he is charging the McMichaels with “Felony” murder. That doesn’t simply mean that the charge itself is a felony. It means that someone was killed as a result of another felony taking place. The other felony was them confronting a person with arms. And it involves a myriad of different crimes from gun offenses and criminal recklessness to actual kidnapping for attempting to deprive Ahmaud of his freedom to walk down the street. The McMichaels clearly committed a felony just by confronting Ahmaud with weapons and aggression. The McMichaels were absolutely wrong for creating a volatile situation where an average citizen would feel his life was in jeopardy and feel the need to protect himself by disarming his aggressors. It doesn’t matter if Ahmaud was up to “no good” or not. I believe the prosecutor is absolutely right here. The McMichaels should indeed be charged with felony murder.

  3. I respectfully disagree with much of what you’ve written. It does, after all, matter that, in a legal sense, the McMichaels acted accordingly when it comes to citizen’s arrest laws. They had reasonable suspicion that a crime was, once again, being committed (a felony crime, according to Georgia law, whether he stole anything or not). A person matching Arbery’s description had been seen several other times, and (I may be wrong on this, though I’ve heard it), the elder McMichael had reason to believe that Arbery may have been armed due to a gun being stolen from him (McMichael) recently. Taking into account that a house had been illegally entered more than once and a gun had been stolen, all in the same neighborhood and from someone who matched Arbery’s description (at least for the illegal entry, not sure if anyone saw who stole the gun) it’s safe to assume that it’s at least a possibility Arbery would be armed. That being said, I didn’t see any video or hear any audio wherein the McMichaels were “yelling arrogantly.” And what you describe as Arbery running away was actually the exact opposite. If he were running away, he’d have been running toward a vehicle where the driver was armed with his cell phone taking video. He ran toward the McMichaels’ truck, not away. He ran toward Travis McMichael, who was armed with a shotgun, not away from him. He threw several punches at McMichael and then lunged at his gun and got a hold of it. At that point, both men were fighting for their lives, regardless of who we would consider the aggressor. It’s legal to open carry a weapon in Georgia. The McMichaels did so. It’s legal to perform a citizens arrest when it appears there is probable cause. The McMichaels did so. It is legal, and a person’s right, to shout at people, arrogantly or otherwise. The McMichaels did so. It’s sad because I don’t think such viciousness was necessary (and by viciousness, I mean grabbing the guns and the pickup for what was discovered to be a nonviolent crime). But sadly, my opinion doesn’t matter. No one’s will. The facts and the law and how they’re presented will, and the only person breaking any laws was Arbery. He committed the initial crime, however petty you or I find it to be, that got the McMichaels riled up. Then, the moment he threw a punch and grabbed the gun, he was committing another crime, assault. It’s tough because a life was lost, and had they awaited the police, it may have ended differently. I say may have because it’s fair to wonder if he would have attacked an armed police officer? No one will know, but he certainly attacked an armed citizen who doesn’t have the training of a police officer.

    I do not believe that the McMichaels wanted to kill this man. If they weren’t trying to chase him down to await police but rather just wanted to kill a black man, why bother chasing him at all? That’s just giving him the opportunity to escape and be able to identify them later. Furthermore, why on earth would they have their neighbor film it if the ultimate goal was to simply murder someone? Seems it would be more difficult to set it all up to appear legal and still potentially lose the case than it would be to just take aim and pull the trigger and certainly lose the case. Overzealous? Racist? Blood-thirsty? Who knows? But the reality is that none of that will matter in a court of law because their opinions aren’t going to be on trial. It will be the facts and the law and whether or not the latter was broken based on the former.


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